Osaka- Sushi Bliss on Bonaire

If you’ve perused my blog, you notice I love to eat. One of my greatest pleasures when traveling, is the search for the ultimate in dining. On my little island, I am thrilled with the wide varied options of dining spots. One of my go to places when seeking “clean eating” is Osaka. Osaka is nestled up top in a open air dining room on Kaya Grande. The upstairs balcony offers a view of the often lively street scene. Cool breezes create a lovely dining experience. The wait staff are very efficient and professional but this places gets crowed, so sit back, sip some Saki and embrace a slow dining experience.


Osaka offers fresh fish whenever possible. Our server advised us they were serving fresh Tuna and Mahi Mahi as well as Butterfish. The fish did taste lovely. Presentation and plating are creative and artful. I wish the spicy tuna handroll had the traditional mayo Sriracha sauce to heat things up.


If you are craving some sushi, Osaka is your best bet for fresh and tasty sushi. To book at table, contact your island Concierge, Ann Phelan at


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