Take Away Part 3 – Kirty’s Surinamese Cuisine

Bonaire is blessed with a plethora of dining options. Being a foodie, maintaining a healthy weight can be a challenge with so many delicious menus to choose from. I am fascinated with the growth of take out options on island. A group of women have created an industry of take out cuisines that are remarkably delicious. Kirty adds to the mix with her Surinamese blend of dishes. Offering a Tue. and Thur. lunch menu, she always has something savory with a little sweet.  Her specialty is Roti with curry and vegetables. Her roti is flakey and light. Her curry is pungent and flavorful.  My favorite is her pickled cukes.

Photo Courtesy of Kirty

Photo Courtesy of Kirty

To order, when on island call 795 3729.  She is located near More For Less in Nikiboko and has pick up, 12-1 PM.

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