Food For Friends – Food Delivery and Catering on Bonaire

Lekker Cuisine

Lekker Cuisine

Roland Aarts has recently opened, Food for Friends, a local catering and food delivery service on Bonaire. I met Roland awhile back when we both worked at a small resort. I personally sampled his sumptuous cuisine and loved his skill and style. Roland has a flair for creative food preparation. Now, he has full creative license with his own company Food for Friends. He specializes in Indonesian and Surinamese foods and other international menus.

Roland catered a private party for me last winter and made a trio of local fish ceviche. The lionfish tartar was the star of the night. His plating and presentation was magnificent.

Recently, I have sampled several incredible meals including Suriname spicy roasted chicken with bami, fried banana, tomato & atja. Roland respects my dietary needs and is able to adjust his menu when needed. Price per person is 14.50 with tax and delivery (gratuity extra).

Contact Roland at

Food For Friends (+599) 785-8228
Open from Sunday to Thursday.
Free Delivery on location.

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