Save the Bonaire Donkeys

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The Bonaire Government is trying to rectify the overpopulation of wild donkeys by sending them to Haiti to become beasts of burden. Their proposal includes rounding up wild males, tranquilizing them and sending them with the Dutch Navy to Haiti. Donkeys have been used as working animals for many years around the world, but wild donkeys that roam the island of Bonaire would not be able to be used in such a manner It is more likely that the donkeys (those who actually survived the journey) would have a short hard life & that some of them would be used for food perhaps.

Donkeys have roamed freely for years. They are often a nuisance due to car accidents and aggressive male behavior but most including the author are charmed by their presence in the island landscape. Tourists flock to see the donkeys at the habitat. Many locals water and feed the wild donkeys. They are greatly beloved by most. The Donkey Sanctuary has provided a safe haven for the island but cannot manage all so many still roam wild. Their goal is to sterilize all wild males to lessen the population and decrease aggressiveness. There are other means to support the plight of these lovely creatures that have been a part of the island’s landscape for over a hundred years. Please consider supporting a humane way to help. Go to to learn more.

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