My Bliss – Windsurfing Heaven

We had nuking May winds this weekend. May typically has amazing trades but I can remember the last PWA event I ran with the Bonaire team. There was NO wind in fact Lac Bay was completely shallow. I digress, this weekend it rocked. I was way overpowered on a Neil Pryde 4.5 that I borrowed from Jibe City (my 4.2 Gun Sail was put to rest). I used my faithful beat up 87 liter Angulo Chango and sailed to my heart’s content. It was really choppy and some high gusts made it slightly insane but it was a lovely time on pristine Lac Bay. Today I rested a bit and head off to the Massage Hut for a little body work. The Boston posse is in town and loving the winds. My two very special clients, Andrew and Ben, West Dennis sailors are being treated to a dose of healthy sailing.

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