Rainy Season

When booking vacations to the Caribbean, many clients ask me, “When is it rainy season”. Unlike the Eastern Caribbean, Bonaire has a very low average rainfall, about 16 inches a year. Most of our rain falls in the Oct.- Feb. timeframe. Some years I can recall hardly any rain and others, a lot. For about 6 weeks we have had tremendous rainfall which is great for the plants and the critters on island. This week, it was quite something. Enjoy a few photos of my yard. The ground is so saturated, I am growing mushrooms, something I have never seen.

I am pretty much a weather junkie so pop a question anytime about the weather. Remember, Bonaire is outside the hurricane belt and is pretty much a dry island so if you see a rain free vacation in the Caribbean, look no more. Just be forewarned it can be rainy during the fall to early winter months.

Ann is a windsurf and dive specialist living on Bonaire. Contact her at 011 599 786 3134 or email ann@bonairecaribbean.com


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