Bistro De Paris – Delightful French Bliss

Patrice Rannou opened Bistro de Paris in 2004 down the street from my former home. When my daughter was finished school work, we would walk down and have a lovely lunch . My favorite was the lovely salads, she loved their panini’s. Patrice always welcomed us with open arms and still does today. My discerning clients always make a stop to Bistro. One of my VIP windsurf pros, Mike Burns, swears that the lamb shank is the best anywhere.

Sometimes I prepare dinner at home and head over later in the evening to savour some wine and dessert. Patrice’s Tarte Tartin is divine. Maggie loves his mousse. One can dine al fresco or inside in AC comfort. Wherever you sit, Patrice will offer a casual and relaxed experience with delicious cuisine. To book your table call 717 7070 or arrange your entire vacation with me and utilize my free Concierge Services. I can be reached at

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4 Responses to “Bistro De Paris – Delightful French Bliss”

  1. Wen Pederson Says:

    I have to agree about the lamb shank. WOW!

    My only negative was that Patrice was wearing some overpowering aftershave/cologne. I couldn’t get near him because of my asthma. That kind of heavy fragrance also detracts from the flavor of the food and the ‘nose’ of the wine. As a chef (and a wonderful one) he should be scent-free, IMHO.

  2. Joe Morales, NY, NY Says:

    Patrice is now located next to Harbour Village in a much more spacious setting right on the marina. I’m a diver and couldn’t wait to try the Lionfish and when I did, wow was it good!

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