Capriccio’s Bonaire

My friend’s Lola and Andrea are almost ready to open their new restaurant, a few steps down from their current location. Capriccio’s is my favorite Italian restaurant on Bonaire. They have sublime meals, amazing wine and true European hospitality. All of my discerning clients make a point to dine with Lola and Andrea. To book your table contact me at


4 Responses to “Capriccio’s Bonaire”

  1. Vince D Says:

    Hi Annie..tried to leave a message on TA but for some reason it’s not letting me post. It’s a date..C’mon over for some cocktails first. We are sorry that we will not be able to be there for the opening extravaganza. I’m sure Lola & Andrea will set the bar even higher for fine Italian cuisine on the island of Bonaire!
    Thanks for posting!

  2. michelinstarfinedinings Says:

    Good afternoon Ann,
    I am looking forward to try this restaurant on an eventual visit to Bonaire. For now, I am gathering basic infos on Bonaire since I am trying to find alternative tropical trips to my usual journeys. I’ll probably ask you some questions about Bonaire since you are the expert of that location. Thanks

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