Donkey Bliss Part II

Animals make me happy. Bonaire’s lovely donkey’s always make me happy. I have been to the donkey sanctuary many times with visiting guests. It’s an amazing place that nurtures and protects the island’s donkey population. Many donkeys still reside outside the property and the loving folks at the sanctuary care for their health needs as best as they can. Would you consider helping by adopting a donkey? Contact the Donkey Sanctuary to learn more.

When on island, pick up as much bread as you can (I usually get 10 loaves of day old bread in the back at Cultimara Grocery) and head over to the Sanctuary located on the Sorobon Road.


3 Responses to “Donkey Bliss Part II”

  1. punkgenius Says:


    Bonaire sounds awesome. I’m excited to visit in a couple of months. Do most people bring their own scuba gear, or just rent once they’re on the island? Thanks for the great blog.


  2. RumShopRyan Says:

    Have met the donkeys of Bonaire yet, but have ran into many of their friends on other Caribbean islands. They are the original castaways. I’ll have to remember to get some extra bread next time. Great tip!


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