Jamaican Sunday BBQ at Kishikishi

Dianne and Georgie have created a lovely Sunday experience at their Caribbean inspired restaurant, Kishikishi. Located at the Butterfly Farm on Kaminda Lac they offer a Sunday Jamaican BBQ for 12.50 USD. I enjoyed their BBQ yesterday on a sunny Bonaire afternoon.

Jerk Chicken Delight

Robert Bryan, a creative Jamaican chef spun out a delicious meal complete with Jamaican inspired recipes including the expected and quite delicious, jerk chicken. His rice and peas as as good as my mother in laws. I loved the veggies and the plantains. I washed this down with an lovely awe di lumunchi (homemade lemonade). Before gratuity my total was 16.00.

Chef Robert Bryan

I also had lunch at Kishikishi last week. The local goat cheese spring rolls were divine. My dining companion loved his sampler with fish, a veggie tart and other delicious treats. Lunch was relaxed and tranquil in this lovely breezy cafe.

lunch delight at Kishikishi

The Jamaican BBQ is every Sunday 12-5 PM. No reservations are needed but to inquire for more details call Dianne Lucassen at 795-3250

Butterfly Garden Bonaire / Kishi Kishi Lunchcafe
Kaminda Lac 101
p.o. Box 769
Dutch Caribbean
Cell: 00599 795 8989
E-mail: info@butterflygardenbonaire.com

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