Washington Park – Bonaire

Wayaka II

Washington Park is a nature sanctuary located on the northern third of the island. It is over 5000 hectares with hills, sand dunes, mangroves, salinas and lovely beaches. The snorkeling is amazing and there is hiking and mountain biking.

My windsurf buddy Tedrow and I headed up late in the day. It was a lovely drive to Slaagbai for a swim. Sundays is quite busy so I personally recommend another day. Several routes are closed presently so the one way route is now two ways. Aside from this minor inconvenience the views and vistas are breathtaking.

For the bird lover, the park is a dream. I saw amazing Trupial nests all over and lovely water fowl in the salt flats at Slaagabai.

I suggest arriving early and bringing plenty of water, food and sunscreen. It’s pretty hot this time of year in the park but it’s an amazing trip for the nature lover. My favorite snorkeling spot is Wayaka II and to swim, Slaagbai.



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