Air News with Insel Air to Bonaire

Press Release from TCB Inc.

Bonaire – We are delighted to be able to tell you that subsequent to a meeting between Bonaire executives and Insel Air representatives, the new low introductory fare for Insel Air’s Charlotte flight has been extended to those travelers going to Bonaire! The round trip fare is $361.00 including all taxes, and also the Bonaire airport departure tax.

The Saturday connections to/from Bonaire are below. Starting Thursday, July 29, there will be two connections between Bonaire and Charlotte on both Wednesday and Saturday.

The schedule to and from Charlotte will be as follows:

From Bonaire to Charlotte (Wednesdays and Saturdays):

Depart Bonaire 7I 302: 0755

Arrive CUR: 0820

Depart to Charlotte 7I 913: 0910

Arrive Charlotte: 1325

From Charlotte to Bonaire (Saturdays):

Depart Charlotte 7I 914: 1455

Arrive Curacao 1910

Depart to Bonaire 7I 301: 2130

Arrive Bonaire: 2155

The promotional fare and the Bonaire connections are now in the system. The booking window for this fare extends to August 13, 2011 and the travel period is until Dec 14, 2011.


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