Just Desserts – Bonaire Sweets

Tres Leche Gelatto at Capriccio's

It’s January 2 and I am back to clean eating after a typical holiday chow fest. It started Nov. 21 in Anguilla and I officially started clean eating today.

Recently I dined at Capriccio’s, one of Bonaire’s premier Italian restaurants. We had a great meal and of course amazing wine. After, the 5 of us shared two desserts; tres leche gelatto and chocolate sorbet. Wowww, pure decadence.

Chocolate Sorbet

New Years Eve we had a lovely dinner at Wil’s Tropical Grill. I ate sparingly as I wanted dessert. After my calamari salad I had a lovely coconut panna cotta. Maggie had key lime mousse and Kate had the chocolate tray.

Key Lime Mousse

Panne Cotta

Chocolate Tray

Caribbean Wind & Sun Vacations offers full Concierge Services for their discerning clients. Let the staff at CW&SV book your dinner at Capriccio’s or Wil’s Grill. Email ann@bonairecaribbean.com.

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