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Youp Schmit joins the PWA Tour 2010

August 2, 2010

Press Release

15 year old Youp Schmit, NB12, has reached the pinnacle of his young windsurf career as he prepares to enter his first Professional Windsurfing Association (PWA) European event. The event will be held in Fuerteventura July 27-August 2. Along with his team mates Taty Frans, Kiri Thode and Tonky Frans, Endro Finies is also making his PWA European debut. Youp at age 15 is the youngest competitor. Fuerteventure is best known for incredible winds and very challenging windsurf conditions. Youp has trained since last year for his entry into the Pro level in the PWA. When he last spoke to this roving reporter he felt he had reached a point in his career where he needed to push his skills to the limit. While he won his class in previous Pro Kids Events Youp realizes the PWA offers a greater challenge. He is excited to make his debut and hopes to let the windsurf world see a glimpse of his brilliance.

Photo Courtesy of Youp Schmit

Continental Adds Friday Night Flights From Newark

August 2, 2010

There will be seasonal flights Feb. – April leaving Newark Friday night and sending the red eye into air space arriving Bonaire Sat. mornings. The return back to Newark is one hour later. Whilst the red eye is not so appealing to most, Continental offers most often the cheapest flights compared to Delta. It’s all a matter of preference but it’s nice to have another option.

Zazu In Quito

August 1, 2010

Chef Alex and his Culinary Team

Zazu is easily one of Quito’s best restaurants. Chef Alex is a Peruvian and his menu reflects his heritage. The setting is chic nouveau and the menu, inspiring. We loved Zazu.

Beef Carpaccio and Goat Cheese


Prawn Risotto

Mas Quito

August 1, 2010


We are back from Ecuador with mixed feelings. Quito is a unique city filled with amazing museums and cathedrals and tourist attractions. We found the people to be warm and inviting. It appears dogs are well loved all over and were cared for in the villages and in the city. That was a welcome sight. The air quality in Quito was abysmal. There seems to be no emission standards so busses blast dark lung choking smoke. We had a very hard time breathing combined with the altitude and my flu. Our hotel choice was a mistake so I will skip over that part. We did see some lovely hotels including international chains. Dining in Quito includes inexpensive Alamuerza’s (set lunch menus cheap) to gourmet cuisine. I will highlight our 3 gourmet meals later in a future blog as our experiences deserves it’s own post. We loved Museo Guyasamina and Capilla del Hombre as well as Compania de Jesus Ingles in Plaza Grande. I became quite ill in the country on day 3 and was ill until I returned home so we curtailed many tourist stops. We throughly enjoyed or visit to Cafe Velez, a small boutique coffee and chocolate purveyor. I recommend a visit to to learn more. The ginger dark chocolate was amazing.

For those residing in the ABC islands Ecuador is a must do. For tourists visiting the islands consider a jump over to Ecuador. A 2-5 night stay is possible easily or longer.

Contact to book your trip to Ecuador.

Quito Night At Cafe Mosaico for Drinks

Cloud Forest in Quito

August 1, 2010

Rosalie's Ice Cream Shop in Ibarra

Our trip in the Cloud Forest was amazing. The staff at Hacienda Primavera were wonderful in every regard. It was a low key very relaxing kind of holiday. We loved our hike to the waterfall. Our guides Byron and Armando insured we had a lovely experience. It was a challenging hike as we were still becoming accustomed to the altitude. Also unbeknownst to me I was coming down what later would reveal to be the flu. It would later explain my sheer exhaustion.

Riding horses was a great way to see the flora and fauna. I felt bad for the uphill ride back for the horses and recommend an early ride versus after 10 AM. Also I wish I had offered to care for the horses after our ride as the caretaker did not attend to them for several hours. I was told Andean Horses are cared for differently.

Staff at Hacienda Primavera

Riding back to Quito was a long trip but we stopped in Ibarra for Helados from Rosalie’s, a very famous spot and then more Bizcocho in Cayambe (I brought to a BBQ in Bonaire last night). Sampling local culinary treats is fun. Rosalie’s has been around since the late 1800’s. The flavours were diverse including sour sop and tamarind. I enjoyed my cone. We also stopped in San Antonio, the woodworking town. Most of the art was the same in each shop but some had a few unique pieces. We were fortunate to meet an artisan at work. We went to Mitad El Mundo outside Quito. It was muy turista but a lot of fun. Our final 2 nights was in Quito. More later.

San Antonio Artisan

Armano our guide on the way back to Quito

Mitad el Mundo