Island Hopping: Saba

Living in the Caribbean makes island hopping a fun way to see different geographic and cultural areas. I have had dive clients ask me for new destinations. I am pleased to offer Saba. It is an easy flight from Bonaire to Sint Maarten then a quick 15 min. hop over via Winair.

The runway is freaky (shortest commercial runway in the world, 400 meter) and the island amazing. Passengers originating from the US will find cheap easy connections to Sint Maarten. Europeans can fly Air France or KLM.

The approach

I spent two days in Saba traveling solo. I met some great people and two lovely hikes. The island reminded me a little of the Abacaos, Bermuda and Nantucket. The houses are charming and the flora and fauna amazing.


I stayed at Scouts Place, a dive property I have sent some divers and will no doubt send more. I had a casual little apartment with amazing views. I had some trepidation not having AC but at night the island is very cool and comfy. Tree frogs sang me to sleep. Tinke the office assistant was amazing. It is a casual low key kind of place in Windwardside, a little village on this 5 sq. mile island. My intentions were to hike and chill.

Glen Holm Director of Tourism in Saba at Scouts Place

flowers near Scouts Place

My first meal was at Tropics which is associated with Julians Hotel. I was in awe of the views and the lovely gardens. Upon arrival the reception was a little chilly as the Dutch chef just sort of gazed at me and the waitress was not so welcoming at first. Later she revealed herself to be most kind and helpful. The menu had no fish (I don’t eat meat) and was quite Americanized. I chose nachos. The Ting and the lovely setting with views made the lunch fabulous. Also I was in search of Saba Spice and the waitress went out of her way to help me find some. Much appreciation. I cannot get Ting in Bonaire so tend to OD on it in the Eastern Caribbean.


Juliana's Hotel

Dinner was at Eden. The setting is magical with little white lights adorning the tree, tree frogs serenading diners and a fat cutie pie cat who did not disturb but came to greet me. The waitress was great and the owner Nina wonderful. Again no fresh fish only important Bass, Salmon and flash frozen tuna. I had Italian Risotto and a cold Pinot Grigio. I cannot imagine a prettier spot to dine at night.

Eden Restaurant

I did not try dessert but the banana creme brulee sounded intriguing. If you seek a quiet romantic dinner, Eden is the spot.

Eden Restaurant

I had a drink at Saba Treasures. Walk past this place..the bartender was the most unfriendly person I ever met. It had a weird vibe. I took my Ting and sat alone outside.

Breakfast was at Scouts Place. I ordered the Caribbean breakfast (saltfish, Johnny cakes, bush tea). I settled in at a table with an amazing view of Mt. Scenery and the lovely German waitress apologized they were out of salt fish (?). I had some fresh pineapple and a fat chewy Johnny Cake before I set out for the mountain. This is a must do location for breakfast or lunch. Friday nights is a big Kareoke program.

Windwardside House

Lunch was at Queens Garden. The property is gorgeous with lovely views. I inspected the rooms and will post a review on soon. I chose Saban lobster. They caught the poor thrashing fellow before my eyes in a tank. It was about 2 pounds and was delish but I felt a wee bit bad (alright a lot bad). It came with standard fries and lovely veggies.

62.50 USD lobster lunch

The waitstaff were great. I will share it was the most expensive lobster of my life, 62.50 USD for the lobster alone. With tax and tip and a Ting and wine my bill was 90 USD! I was astounded.

Queens Garden Saba

Check out my blog on Mount Scenery coming soon. I love Saba!

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