Cloud Forest in Quito

Rosalie's Ice Cream Shop in Ibarra

Our trip in the Cloud Forest was amazing. The staff at Hacienda Primavera were wonderful in every regard. It was a low key very relaxing kind of holiday. We loved our hike to the waterfall. Our guides Byron and Armando insured we had a lovely experience. It was a challenging hike as we were still becoming accustomed to the altitude. Also unbeknownst to me I was coming down what later would reveal to be the flu. It would later explain my sheer exhaustion.

Riding horses was a great way to see the flora and fauna. I felt bad for the uphill ride back for the horses and recommend an early ride versus after 10 AM. Also I wish I had offered to care for the horses after our ride as the caretaker did not attend to them for several hours. I was told Andean Horses are cared for differently.

Staff at Hacienda Primavera

Riding back to Quito was a long trip but we stopped in Ibarra for Helados from Rosalie’s, a very famous spot and then more Bizcocho in Cayambe (I brought to a BBQ in Bonaire last night). Sampling local culinary treats is fun. Rosalie’s has been around since the late 1800’s. The flavours were diverse including sour sop and tamarind. I enjoyed my cone. We also stopped in San Antonio, the woodworking town. Most of the art was the same in each shop but some had a few unique pieces. We were fortunate to meet an artisan at work. We went to Mitad El Mundo outside Quito. It was muy turista but a lot of fun. Our final 2 nights was in Quito. More later.

San Antonio Artisan

Armano our guide on the way back to Quito

Mitad el Mundo

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