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Sensational Seas Two Production Includes Images from Bonaire Photographer, Ellen Muller

April 9, 2010 – Sensational Seas Two, a DVD grand tour of watery realms as far-flung as Antarctica, Australia, the Andaman Sea and Georgia Aquarium, includes a slide show from one of Bonaire’s own photographers, Ellen Muller. The production is a cooperative effort between underwater filmmakers, photographers, musicians, graphic designers, writers and programmers – all divers – who donated their skills and art to produce a spectacular collection of underwater images, for the benefit of marine environmental causes.

Viewers can expect the unexpected, come face-to-face with the gentlest of giants, rolling octopus, spawning frogfish, a snorkeling elephant, and tiny plankton that epitomize the grandeur of nature’s artistic flair. “When we travel, we meet so many talented image makers who seldom have the opportunity to show their work,” relates Anna DeLoach, co-producer of the DVD and researcher for New World Publications. “I know Ellen’s work and how rare many of her images from Bonaire are, so I was thrilled when she agreed to contribute them to the production!”

The DVD is now available for purchase through the Reef Environmental Education Foundation ‘s online store ( and will be available soon in Bonaire’s dive retailers’ shops in eco-friendly packaging, recycled paper stock and soy-ink printing.

For more information about Sensational Seas Two, visit: or view the trailer at YouTube:

About the Production: Co-Producers Anna DeLoach and Nancy McGee; Art Director and Screen Writer William Warmus; DVD author Kris Wilk; Narrators Stan Waterman and Annie Crawley. Supporting partners are the Carrow Foundation, Gates Underwater Products, Wetpixel, Beneath the Sea, Scuba Diver AustralAsia Magazine and New World Publications.

About New World Publications: First published in 1989 the Caribbean Reef ID books set a new standard in marine life recognition, and firmly established co-authors Paul Humann and Ned DeLoach as quality photographers and keen behaviorists. New World Publications has since grown to be a premier source of educational materials about the ocean realm. For further information visit

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