Tiara Air Non Stop To Bonaire from Aruba – New Air Schedule

Bonaire- The Tourism Corp. of Bonaire reports Tiara Air has added additional service for those seeking to utilize one of the many affordable carriers from the US and South America to Bonaire.

AUA-BON 9.10a – 10.00a mo-we-fr
AUA-BON 6.20p -7.10p mo-we-fr
AUA-BON 7.10p – 8.05p su

BON-AUA 10.20a – 11.50a mo-we-fr
BON-AUA 7.30p – 8.20p mo-we-fr
BON-AUA 8.25p – 9.20p su

*Increase flight schedule to 3 flights per week
*Earlier morning flights
*New evening flights
*Allowing day trips for those in Bonaire or Aruba
*Allowing connections to/from U.S.A. via Aruba on mo-we-fr
and from U.S.A on Sundays.
*Allowing connections to/from Venezuela mo-we-fr

This new schedule will be in Tiara Air’s system and website as of mid next week.


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3 Responses to “Tiara Air Non Stop To Bonaire from Aruba – New Air Schedule”

  1. Shelly Says:

    Hey let’s do a day trip BON – AUA next time! Shopping……..lunch?

  2. caribchakita Says:

    Shells Bells I am totally up for that…whooppieeee

  3. caribchakita Says:

    Tiara is advertising 200 ANG air Curacao to Aruba again!

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