Bonaire Non Profit Needs Your Help

Stephen Janes of Asheville NC, ( has partnered with Bonaire Youth Outreach Foundation to help collect funds and product for needy kids of the Netherlands Antilles. The project is called Pasku Briante (Bright Christmas). Every year BYOF collects items ranging from pencils and crayons to hats and t-shirts, and personal hygene products to fill 500 shoe boxes. The members of BYOF then distribute the shoe boxes to kids who are in need.
Stephen, who once lived on Bonaire for 6 years will be helping with the effort from the United States and is looking for willing individuals to help transport some of the items to Bonaire. Stephen is hoping for people who will volunteer luggage space in an effort to save money on the cost of shipping.

Please contact him via the Blog listed above or via Facebook for more information on how you can help.

Thanks in advance for helping support the kids of the Netherlands Antilles.

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