Sorobon Beach Refurb Photo Updates

Sorobon Beach Resort

The new management at Sorobon Beach Resort has refurbished two rooms. The design is simple and clean lines and really airy and comfortable. There are presently two units completed and more to follow. Call Ann at Caribbean Wind & Sun Vacations to book your escape.

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8 Responses to “Sorobon Beach Refurb Photo Updates”

  1. Nance Says:

    Yuck, who is the designer. That white makes it look so stark, no warmth at all. Stark & minimalist. Very unappealing. That seating arrangement looks so uncomfortable, and looks like it would cut down on the airflow.
    It really is not a good look. Please do not follow this design in your other units. People think of the tropics, they do not think of WHITE. That has to be the worst color choice. Have you never noticed how dingy white ends up looking in a desert, sandy, dusty enviorment. Please work to fit in the enviroment. That look just doesn’t work with the Bonaire vibe. I am hoping to visit to windsurf, but I this does not appeal to me.

  2. lew azinaro Says:

    so sad to hear of the change made at sorobon,…my wife and i, and our 2 daughters visited the resort a few times over the years…[maybe 3 visits i believe?] and loved the beauty and peace and quiet,…it was on our list of resorts we were considering to celebrate our upcoming 30th wedding annivesary,…now, with the change over to a textile resort,..we won’t be considering it anymore,…oh well, life is change,…but this change really doesn’t seem to make sense,..i mean,…bonaire was always somewhat difficult to get to,…it’s not the lushest of carribean islands,…and has a FEW good dining experiences,…but st. bart’s it ain’t,…so the only thing that made it so special as a resort WAS the naturist aspect to it,…good luck with the new plans,…but i don’t see you having a lot of success with wind-surfers,…you best customers were the wealthier, albiet older, naturist clientale…guess we will look at club o,…or even something as exotic as the south pacific,…no nude resorts,…but the really high end resorts have their own plunge pools and sunning decks,…again,…sad sad sad!

  3. peter van aken Says:

    My wife and I thought Sorobon was PARADISE when it was Naturist. We enjoyed the tolerance and freedom that families with children were offered, the quiet non-energetic relaxation of a small resort, the minimal booze atmosphere- (great that there was no bar intruding on the small beach in the past)….the crystal clear warm water that was shallow for children, yet allowed adults to walk out the mile to the reef or take a kayak….efficient friendly staff like Carla and Pedro, fully equipped kitchens in all the chalets, comfortable and sturdy yet simple accomodations with hammocks on the porch- no need for TV just read a book from the library!

    DJ and Floris, we will go to Honduras (PayaBay), Mexico (Hidden Beach) or Jamaica (to the brand new N Resort), and will never return to your resort ever again until it returns to Naturist all year instead of the no-wind rainy mosquito month you have grudgingly extended.

  4. Charlotte Says:

    I really love the new design! Would like to stay there for a holiday…!

    • caribchakita Says:

      thanks Charlotte, there are a few modern rooms but most have the same rustic feel in their refurb. I stayed in both and love this property. It’s 4 miles from my house but still, a nice oasis for me to escape every now and again. I would be privileged to plan your holiday.

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