The Cove Wins

Hollywood nodded their heads to the controversial documentary, “The Cove” bestowing the Best Documentary award at last nights 82nd Academy Awards. If the dolphins knew they would be singing with joy and leaping in the air. The film is about the controversial annual dolphin hunt held in  the Japanese whaling town of Taiji.  Directed by Louie Psihoyos, one of the world’s prominent still photographers the film depicts this horrible annual slaughter.

Please google the film today.

Why is this on a Bonaire Blog? Because our sister island Curacao has a dolphin prison whereas tourist flock to swim with the dolphins…please consider not supporting such programs including Seaquarium, Seaworld and any other mammal prisons. Bonaire takes pride in respecting nature. To know our neighbors have such a program leaves many shocked in disbelief. 30 miles away, lovely dolphins are prisoners.

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14 Responses to “The Cove Wins”

  1. Lakia Says:

    Wow, this is interesting… I have to do some research. I never heard of this until a few moments ago. The annual dolphin hung?? Thanks for the insight and information shared.

  2. Rob Says:

    Might these “prisons” help influencial people realize that dolphins are not “just fish?” It’s a lot harder to ignore Japan’s barbarism when you’re on first name basis with Flipper.

  3. hannahfergesen Says:

    I am so glad that the Cove won because I know it’ll make more people watch this film and understand the horrible things that are happening. Also, several Colorado based filmmakers were involved with this project and I am an Indie (very, very indie) filmmaker in Denver, so I have a lot of personal pride in this film as well.

  4. tom Says:

    How is this different or more cruel than a slaughterhouse? In fact, raising cattle is more barbaric than hunting dolphins, at least the dolphins lived freely until they are hunted.

    Cows live confined their whole life, they are stuffed with all kinds of drugs, they get inseminated against their will and yet the western cultures think this is ok and hunting dolphins is barbaric. It amazes me how irrational and hypocrite some people can be.

    Probably the directors of this hypocrite film are celebrating their oscar at a restaurant with beef on the menu

    • caribchakita Says:

      Tom as you can imagine, I do not eat cow, meat anything…..

      • Tom Says:

        wow you don’t eat meat… so you eat soy products? Maybe you should watch what happens to the environment just so you’re able to have soy on your table.

        This finger-pointing is amazingly hypocrite not to mention the old practice of western cultures trying to force their culture onto others. Now they want to define what is ‘barbaric’ according to their own will.

  5. Imaginarium of Pau Says:

    I haven’t seen the documentary yet. But just seeing the clips made me very interested. Actually, most of the documentaries and indie (independent) films are the kind of films most people should watch – it is very informative, and would definitely widen one’s perspective on things.

  6. Rashmi Says:

    i did not expect this at all

  7. cazimi Says:

    The Cove is a mammalian screed that demeans all other sentient populations – avian, piscean, amphibian, and fauna. This film is a human-based ego rant that continues in the grand imperialist tradition of divide and conquer by setting up a mammalian species as somehow more deserving of compassion and love than other creatures slaughtered for their value as ‘wasabi buddies’. It has always been this uniquely human bias to create an infinite array of categories, of higher and lower orders, in order to maintain the illusion of human superiority. By legitimizing this process with an Oscar, the Academy has legitimized that most base aspect of human character – its seemingly infinite ability to define orders of reality that are both different from, and lesser than, itself. In this sense, the Academy is recognizing on one hand, accurately, that dolphins are like Jews, gypsies, American Indians, or any other group labeled – as a precursor to genocide – while at the same time condoning, and thus encouraging, the understanding that permits this abomination – the judgment that something ‘other’ is different, and is therefore lesser. I ask you to be willing to recognize that it is not the specific murder of dolphins, but, it is, rather, a general willingness to objectify, label, view as separate, and then destroy – without any sense of connection, empathy, or simple love – another living being, that is the tragedy. By making it about ‘dolphins’, we miss the point – that it is about consciousness and love, in all its forms. It is this unwillingness to accept the truth of the oneness of all beings that has created the great despair in which the world has found itself. As a manifestation of the spirit of the great Salmon I ask you to look beyond the specific abject cruelty depicted in The Cove, and, rather than identify with the dolphins, understand the interior human process that separates, judges, demeans, and condemns life in so many of its forms. See yourself in All, and the compassion that you feel will come back to you as freedom, true freedom, freedom from your attachment to fear, and an opening into a world of Love.

  8. pishispractice Says:

    Yes I agree with Tom. It was very disturbing but really not as cruel as what happens to millions of animals around the world in slaughter houses. Animals that are raised in despicable conditions and murdered cruelly. I guess because dolphins are cuter than say cows or pigs.

  9. artseafartsea Says:

    How can anyone who see this slaughter of the dolphins be unmoved to correct the killing of these wonderful creatures? Anyone who condones this is a monster. The slaughter is kept secret because the Japanese know it is wrong.

    Also wrong is having Whale meat served in a restaurant in Santa Monica, CA to unsuspecting customers. And to serve an “endangered species” is too horrible to contemplate. The gray whale! Shamefull!

  10. caribchakita Says:

    Don’t Forget The Cove

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