Car Insurance News

Thanks to my new client John for this news that may benefit you:

AMEX offers an upgrade policy that you can buy that would also cover a pickup. and it is only $25 for the whole period!!|9c74a001e1494384f5a98098ddb1e97d

Vehicles Covered by the Plan
The Plan covers most vehicles typically available from a Rental Company, from smaller economy sizes to large luxury sedans, convertibles, exotic cars (worth more than $50,000), minivans, vans, pickup trucks, and full-sized SUVs. The vehicle must be rented from a Rental Company, which is a commercial rental agency that rents passenger-type motor vehicles, but it does not include a company whose primary business is something other than renting cars, such as an auto body shop or a moving van company. Excluded vehicles include: automobiles that have been customized or modified from the manufacturer’s factory specifications, except for driver’s assistance equipment for the physically challenged; any rented vehicle used for hire or commercial purposes; antique cars (cars over 20 years old or cars that have not been manufactured for over 10 years); limousines; and off-road vehicles, motorcycles, motorbikes, mopeds, recreational vehicles, golf or motorized carts, campers, moving trucks or moving vans, and trailers.

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