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Day 2 IFCA Slalom World

July 14, 2009
Photo Courtesy of Marcos at Seaelement

Photo Courtesy of Marco Di Gianvito - ACTIVEYEPHOTO

Today is Day 2 of the IFCA Bonaire Slalom World event. The winds are howling and our first race of the day is slated for 11 AM. I will be on the press boat so will have results and information online by 9 PM EST.

Wind junkies and wind watchers, check out for the latest weather report and our very own IFCA Bonaire Slalom World. Thanks to our sponsors, Windguru.

We have riders representing:
Turkey, Italia, Austria, Germany, France, Denmark, USA, Argentina, UK, Netherlands, ABC Islands, Venezuela and Poland.

Ann Phelan

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Day 1 Bonaire IFCA Slalom World

July 13, 2009
Photo Courtesy of Marcos from Seaelement

Photo Courtesy of Marcos from Seaelement

Today one marked the first day of the premiere IFCA Slalom Event on Bonaire.  Windguru, our official weather site predicted winds of about 15 and they were right on. A healthy dose of Caribbean trades kept the sailors happy. Most trained early in the day on 8.0 and higher sails. At the 11 AM skipper’s meeting, all eyes were on Bruno de Wannemaeker, the event director from IFCA. He introduced the international jury of judges and his fellow committee members. Bruno outlined the race format, explained the flag sequences and the course details. As of this morning 84 participants registered with 14 representing an international mix of masters sailors.
Heats ran from 12:45 past 4 PM. Eric Kling from IFCA kept score under the judging tower. Sailors were quite pleased overall with the course and wind strength. Some complained of lighter winds at the start but by the second and third marks the trades blew down the wind tunnel from the channel to the base of the bay.  Some of the leading sailors dominating so far include Luigi Romano, a hot shot 15 year old from Italy. Markus Poultenstein from Austria is a name to watch during this event.   One cool sight was the black sail owned by Malta Reuscher from Italy. His new Point 7 black sail was visible throughout the race.  Very cool brand. Argentinian Sergio Mehl just arrived from Aruba Hi Winds and was ready to compete. He is a clear talent with years of windsurfing experience behind him. Morane Demont, a talented 16 year old from Martinique kept up with her male counterparts in her heats scoring very well. She was on a 7.5 meter Severne sail and a 111 Starboard. Morane hopes to continue to progress in her heats.

Countries represented at the Bonaire event include Turkey, Italy, Germany, the UK, Argentina, USA, France, The ABC islands, Venezuela, Austria, Denmark and The Netherlands.

Elvis Martinue and his team of all volunteers really made it happen in true Bonaire fashion.  Each night Sorobon is the site for music and food. DJ Explosion pumps music after the event into the dark.

Amado at Hi Winds in Aruba

July 13, 2009

Team Bonaire traveled to Aruba Hi Winds earlier this month. It was a great time for all. Amado Vrieswijk has a great story on his website so check it out.

Amado at Hi Winds

Youp Schmit Takes on Sardinia

July 12, 2009

Youp Schmit world champion in Italy

Youp Schmit from Bonaire, 14 years, competed in the Starboard Prokids World Championships. The competition was held in Italy, on the north side of the island Sardinia at the spot Porto Pollo, from the 22th till the 27th of June. A lot of kids from all over the world showed up for the competition. There was great wind and flat water so it was perfect for all the sliding moves. Youp started great, right after the starting signal he pulled out his first moves, like spock 540 or a funnel. He managed to continue in this 5 minutes heats, with very great moves. He impressed the crowd and the jury, by showing his tricks, like shaka’s, double flaka’s, funnels, and more. For 5 days, he was able to win every heat from his opponent, so it was very clear that he was the best. The final result was 1st place in the under 15 category. Youp said: “It was a great experience and a lot of fun competing in this competition, cause you can see how other kids have improved there new tricks, and also showing them my new moves”. “Every evening there was a dinner or a BBQ, but it was mostly pizza which I like the best”. “I would love to come back to Sardina one time”. After Italy Youp stays in Holland, for a couple of weeks, getting some experience there, with Rick and Nick on the Brouwersdam.

Photo by Family Schmit

Photo by Family Schmit

Delta Airlines News

July 9, 2009

From TCB Inc.

The Friday night flight from Atlanta wasn’t booking well, so a Sunday turnaround from Atlanta, that will follow the same schedule as the Saturday flight, has been put in its place. The Friday night flight has been cancelled. Effective Saturday, July 11, a Sunday turnaround will  be added to the schedule.

The changes have not been made to the schedule yet.  The inventory has been removed for the flights that are to be cancelled, but the flights still show up in a schedule display.  The schedules will be updated with these changes this Saturday, July 11th.

Additionally, the resumption of the JFK-BON flight is now scheduled for December 19th.

November 7-21 the ATL-BON flight on Saturdays will be upgraded to a 767 to handle the passengers from the JFK and the Friday ATL flights.

Audubon Magazine

July 4, 2009

Audubon Magazine

Shared via AddThis

I am a big fan of Jerry Ligon, our special island biologist. He is a wealth of information in regards to flora and fauna, birds and beasts. Jerry referred me to this link. It’s more “good stuff” going on in Bonaire. Enjoy..

Weather News

July 4, 2009

Well, once again, nailed their forecast. As promised major heavy duty rain fell in Bonaire late yesterday afternoon. The winds were gale force and the amount of rain was substantial. My rain barrel filled up and the yard was full of massive puddles. Prior to this, we lost power in the Belnem area. I am not sure about other areas. I sat with the doggies outside on the covered patio with a sweatshirt on and read with a flashlight. Finished Sky Burial, a story about Tibet. FANTASTIC. The winds are strong today but there are puffy clouds with peaking sun.

Caribbean Recipes, What is Your Favorite

July 3, 2009

I love Caribbean cooking, The blends of the aromatic spices, fresh herbs and unique produce make dining in the islands unforgettable. My mother in law’s Pepperpot is still a favorite. I often crave Roti at random days in the year. I try and cook some Caribbean inspired recipes. My favorite is Caribbean Black Cake made at Christmas. Remind me to post that recipe. For now here is an easy recipe.  I would love to have a copy of one of your favorites.

Caribbean Inspired Shrimp and Pineapple Kabob


Antigua Black Pineapple or Dole chunks

Wooden Skewers soaking in ice water

Dark Rum

Brown Sugar

Pineapple or OJ

Squeeze of lime

Make the marinade. Skewer the shrimp and Pineapple



Caribbean Shrimp

Caribbean Shrimp

Nuking Winds

July 2, 2009

Oct.20nuke 001

If you are fed up with the rains of Ranchipur in the Northeast, come to Bonaire. It has been nuking for days and days. Windsurfers are in pure bliss. I sailed my 4.2 quite nicely. I did an 8 am dawn patrol. Danny, my accountant and a few others beat me earlier. The winds were a tad gusty. Back home in Belnem, 8 k from Lac Bay,  the winds are howling and it could be gale force gusts, seriously!

Most of Team Bonaire is in Fuertoventura or Aruba for events. Youp Schmidt is the number 1 finisher in his group at the IFCA Starboard event in Sardinia. Florian Wegerer is 5th!! Go Team Bonaire.

Happy Hour at Paradise Moon

July 2, 2009

Papaya Moon run by Pam and Carl Perpich moved to Harbour Village and is now Paradise Moon. I had my birthday dinner there in March and returned for snacks and Happy Hour yesterday. The setting couldn’t be better, seaside with views of the marina. Cooling breezes prevailed. I snuck in before Happy Hour ended. I am very picky about my Margarita’s and Pam made a super drink . It was not the Island Oasis stuff I detest. It was perfect. I was in a snack kind of mood so ordered chicken nachos. They were great..full of black beans, refried beans, great chips and a side of a garlicky guacamole. I tried to eat the entire massive plate as it was so delicious. Naturally I could not. It was a lovely Happy Hour spot here on Bonaire. Regretfully I did not have my camera.