Youp Schmit Takes on Sardinia

Youp Schmit world champion in Italy

Youp Schmit from Bonaire, 14 years, competed in the Starboard Prokids World Championships. The competition was held in Italy, on the north side of the island Sardinia at the spot Porto Pollo, from the 22th till the 27th of June. A lot of kids from all over the world showed up for the competition. There was great wind and flat water so it was perfect for all the sliding moves. Youp started great, right after the starting signal he pulled out his first moves, like spock 540 or a funnel. He managed to continue in this 5 minutes heats, with very great moves. He impressed the crowd and the jury, by showing his tricks, like shaka’s, double flaka’s, funnels, and more. For 5 days, he was able to win every heat from his opponent, so it was very clear that he was the best. The final result was 1st place in the under 15 category. Youp said: “It was a great experience and a lot of fun competing in this competition, cause you can see how other kids have improved there new tricks, and also showing them my new moves”. “Every evening there was a dinner or a BBQ, but it was mostly pizza which I like the best”. “I would love to come back to Sardina one time”. After Italy Youp stays in Holland, for a couple of weeks, getting some experience there, with Rick and Nick on the Brouwersdam.

Photo by Family Schmit

Photo by Family Schmit

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