Nuking Winds

Oct.20nuke 001

If you are fed up with the rains of Ranchipur in the Northeast, come to Bonaire. It has been nuking for days and days. Windsurfers are in pure bliss. I sailed my 4.2 quite nicely. I did an 8 am dawn patrol. Danny, my accountant and a few others beat me earlier. The winds were a tad gusty. Back home in Belnem, 8 k from Lac Bay,  the winds are howling and it could be gale force gusts, seriously!

Most of Team Bonaire is in Fuertoventura or Aruba for events. Youp Schmidt is the number 1 finisher in his group at the IFCA Starboard event in Sardinia. Florian Wegerer is 5th!! Go Team Bonaire.

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