Swine Flu and Travel

I am a licensed agent for Travel Guard Insurance. Due to the recent outbreak of swine flu it’s a good time to remind you, BUY TRIP INSURANCE.

I am again strongly recommending Cancel for Any Reason Protect Assist Trip Insurance. Purchase within 15 days of your first payment for the best coverage. There is no reported Swine Flu in Bonaire. I have seen many clients lose significant money when they would not have had they purchased trip insurance. Most clients save all year for their two weeks in paradise. Surely the investment is worth the added protection of trip insurance. Hurricane season commences in June. If you are headed to the Caribbean it is even more prudent to be covered. Email me at ann@bonairecaribbean.com for details.

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4 Responses to “Swine Flu and Travel”

  1. Timmmy Says:

    Excellent advice my friend !!

  2. caribchakita Says:

    Timmy, don’t you know..man, what a trip you had last Sept. EGADS….what was it hurricane ??

  3. Timmmy Says:

    Yah …two Hurricanes – one entering the Gulf as I flew out and 2 weeks later one hit Houston and I had to fly Newark NJ – Tampa – Ft. Myers.

    But what an awesome time I had with the fur kids, Solo Diving and Diving with Tom and Smack.

  4. caribchakita Says:

    Freakshow weather makes for a slight travel flightmare. At least it was northbound vs heading down to your hols. It was great to have you down…Are you free to pet sit Nov. 21?

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