Welcome to My World

Sunset Over Bonaire

Come see Bonaire thru my senses. I will introduce you to the sights and sounds of our tranquil island. Learn some simple Papiamento phrases. Get a first hand look into the climate and culture of this diverse island.  I will share my tips on where to dive and dine.  Learn about the famous Team Bonaire, a group of professional windsurfers who have changed the landscape of the windsurf world.  Bon Bini!

Bonaire Landscape

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11 Responses to “Welcome to My World”

  1. Kelly Baum Says:

    Ann, this is put together very well, I can tell you put a lot of thought and a lot of work into it. Very nice, dushi ! Lovely reading, even for the seasoned Bonaire traveler. xo

    Kelly Baum

  2. caribchakita Says:

    Kels, it is LONG overdue for you to come down so we can have a girlz sesh

  3. Mary Says:

    Ann, nice blog……oh how I would love a Bon escape. Hope you’re well – I have been thinking of you! I miss you!

  4. Freddie Hughes Says:

    Ann, this is great.. what wonderful detailed information for anyone wanting to know about Bonaire..Like Kelly said even for the seasoned Bonaire traveler.. thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and dreams.. xxoo
    hugs, Fredster

  5. Betsy Johns Says:

    Ann, Very nice Blog….I see things I missed on our last visit that I want to be sure to do next time. I’m still dreaming about windsurfing…. I miss the island, you, Maggie, and your world!

  6. Meryl Says:

    Annie…great read! Steve and I have tried to do Alice for many years..but something always stops us!(o ring, regulator breaking…) One of these days!
    Are you able to link to BT? Michael, The Captain? It would give the “laymen” more of a history of the island. Do we want to promote the island 😦 Can we MOVE it like in LOST?
    Good luck puddin….as I said…great read!

    • caribchakita Says:

      Thanks Meryl. What is your fav dive? I am not sure if I can post my link as it’s somewhat commercial. Please share with your friends. Good luck with you Bonaire kitty adoption. You are my hero.

  7. Meryl Says:

    Soooo many favorites. Angel City, Yellow Submarine always has lots of interesting critters, Thousand Steps.
    We were thinking about Saba again. Although our last trip I had a problem on my dives, current and not sure if the altitude had an effect? But I loved the island (lots of cats!) and the rainforest hike was nice.
    You really use your leg muscles on that island! It is either uphill or down! We have the plane landing filmed (as we were sitting right behind the pilot!) Very interesting landing strip!

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